When visiting us you are always taken care of in the best possible way by our proffessional staff, and you get to drive in Gothenburg´s most innovative go-kart track.
We have petrol engines in our karts. Petrol karts do not weigh so much and you get real horsepowers throughout your run, heat after heat.

New is always best!

A good go kart is the basis for a fun go kart experience.
Our go karts from the Swedish manufacturer Caroli in Bjuv are equipped to the max and have a good balance between weight, power and driving experience.

The kart is equipped with:
  • Honda GX270 engine
  • Electric start
  • Neck protection with tree point belt
  • Adjustable seat
  • Brake light
  • Anti-gas/brake system
  • Crash Cage in plastic
  • Shutdown transponder for Emergency shut down or slow down speed
  • And much more!

Visit us and try out the new karts!

Open Competition 2019

Participate in our Open Competition where you can win nice prizes. The competition are held on 10 Mondays during the year. Notification is made on site or via phone before 18.10 on the race day.

Gathering at 18.00. Start at 18.30.
More information and rules can be found here.

Dates for Open Competition

28 Jan, 25 Feb, 25 March, 29 April, 27 May, 26 Aug, 30 Sept, 28 Oct, 4 Nov, 25 Nov

Lap Time Top List

Here you can always see our latest lap records, and also the five most recent drivers who have qualified to any of our top lists. The times you need to beat to qualify to any of our top lists and the complete lap time listings can be found on the laptimes page.

Current Lap Records

Big kart women

37,253 Carla Ronge - Honda MC Center

Big kart men

36,738 Alexander Lindau - FMCK Borås

Small kart girls

40,697 Elise Wright - Wrap Studio

Small kart boys

38,604 Erik Björlin - Trafikverket

Latest added lap times

Big kart women

1. 39,062 Lilli Jensen - Midroc

2. 39,936 Lena Johansson - Fiskhamnens Åkeri

3. 39,335 Tezz Hammarén - Pappa

4. 38,971 Vera Bosson - pappa

5. 40,853 Linda Tawil - Proffsbyggen i Väst

Big kart men

1. 38,922 Arnar Bödvarsson - Stjarnan

2. 38,621 Mertkan Karakaya - Osmans AB

3. 38,913 Calle Wallerstedt - Pappa betalar

4. 38,515 Lars Walerstedt - Wärtsila

5. 38,986 Max Hammarén - Volvo Penta

Small kart girls

1. 45,578 Tyra Krafft Bergqvist - Särö Komete (...)

2. 46,692 Eirin Flikka - Bjarg

3. 44,394 Aurora Holmefjord - Asköy sportsklu (...)

4. 46,907 Dorthe Selseng - Sogndal Fotboll

5. 45,627 Majken Collins - ICA Kvantum Munkeb (...)

Small kart boys

1. 41,019 Jacob Malcolm - Påvelundskolan

2. 41,150 Oliver Wysocki - Volvo

3. 43,802 Viggo Pires - Särö IK

4. 42,687 Carl-hugo Krafft - Särö IK

5. 42,220 Viktor Sjöstedt - Ekebäck

Drive Drop In cheap with our cards!

We have two different membership cards, one personal that we call Fivecard and one group card for families and groups.
Read about our cards and drop in packages here.

Welcome to Go Karting Majorna

In this movie you can see what our track looks like and also some clips from various bookings.
Watch more movies from our track here.

Open Hours

Monday - Friday 12 - 20
Saturday 11 - 20
Sunday 11 - 17